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Kratos Integral Systems International Products
Kratos Integral Systems International, Inc. is a global provider of products, systems and services for satellite command and control, telemetry and digital signal processing, data communications, enterprise network management and communications information assurance. We specialize in the development, management and operation of secure communications networks, both satellite and terrestrial, as well as systems and services to detect, characterize and geolocate sources of RF interference. Our customers include U.S. and foreign commercial, government, military and intelligence organizations. For almost 30 years, customers have relied on the Kratos Integral Systems International family of companies (Integral Systems, Inc., Integral Systems Europe, Kratos Networks, RT Logic and SAT Corporation) to design and deliver innovative commercial-based products, solutions and services that are cost-effective and reduce delivery schedules and risk. Kratos Integral Systems International, Inc. has solidified long-term relationships with the U.S. DOD, NASA, NOAA and nearly every commercial satellite operator in the world.
Offline Telemetry Analysis and Display Tool
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EPOCH T&C Server
Real-Time Telemetry and Command Processing
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Archive Manager
Automated Archiving Solution
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EPOCH Triggers Service
Providing Automated Detection/Action Capability
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Procedure Development and Execution Suite
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EPOCH Version 4™
Providing Advanced Automation and Reporting Capabilities
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EPOCH Client
Providing Real-Time Satellite Control
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Orbit Analysis System
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EPOCH Database®
Spacecraft and Ground System Data Configuration
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Task Initiator™
EPOCH Ground System Automation Package
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Kratos Integral Systems International - Additional Offerings
Centralized Security Platform
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Total Automation of Spacecraft C2 Operations
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Transponder Reconfiguration Systems for Designers and Operators
Designers / Operators
Web-based Integrated Client
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Affordable C2 for Small Satellites
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An enterprised networked carrier monitoring system
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A modern spectrum analyzer with advanced features
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SigMon Fixed Site
Cost effective fixed site signal monitoring detection and localization
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Comprehensive monitor and control suite for satellite and hybrid networks used by thousands of organizations globally for RF, microwave and other non-IP equipment
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Uplink Power Control Client
As an add on module to COMPASS, the Uplink Power Control Client provides operators with a convenient solution for adding automatic uplink power control to their transmission systems
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Delivers enterprise management capabilities including NOC level visibility and management of multiple and geographically distributed networks
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SNMP Manager
A value added module to COMPASS that provides increased visibility and control of SNMP enabled equipment
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End-toEnd (E2E) Management
Achieve a complete view of operations with a unified management dashboard for performance monitoring and reporting
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SNMP Agent
Reports equipment status and availability on non-IP devices to any Network Management System (NMS) using SNMP
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Remote Site Management
Centrally manage remote sites, automate network maintenance and reduce costly site visits
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Visual Driver Studio
Enables non-programmers to create protocol drivers in a non-compiled portable format
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RT Logic
RF/IF Receiver and Modem Products
Covering the full range of functions needed for converting between analog waveforms and network-accessible data
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Frequency Conversion Products
Combining industry-leading performance with flexible packaging options to cost-effectively meet the needs of single to multi-band applications
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TT&C Front-End/Networking Systems
Processing spacecraft telecommand/uplink streams and telemetry downlink streams, or packets
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High-Rate Mission Data Processors
Ingesting and processing multiple, concurrent, real-time data streams while providing high rate network routing functions
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Real-Time Mux/Demux & Recorders
Capturing multiple streams of real-time data with strict time-data correlation
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Signal and Spectrum Monitoring
All-in-one solution for locating ground-to-satellite transmission sources
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Link Simulation Test Equipment
Providing flexible, cost-effective solutions for communications link test applications
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Satellite Test - STE
Integrating our full range of products into turnkey racks and subsystems for factory and launch site spacecraft testing
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IRIG-106 Range Telemetry
Monitoring, controling, distributing, and recording multiple streams of IRIG-106 compliant PCM Telemetry data
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satID® Signal Geolocation System
The satID® Geolocation System is an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating ground-to-satellite transmission sources
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